2016 conference programme

We are delighted to announce the programme for Public Health Science 2016. This year the conference is being held at the Radisson Blu Hotel Cardiff, UK on Nov 25, 2016.


09.00 Welcome and introduction to the day

Richard Horton, The Lancet
Rob Aldridge, University College London

09.15 Creativity and innovation in public health science

Chairs: Richard Horton and Emily Tweed

1.     Trajectory of achievement in primary school and development of mental health conditions in adolescence. Sinead Brophy.

2.     Suicide and self-harm related Internet use: a cross-sectional study investigating the prevalence and characteristics of hospital presenting self-harm patients. Prianka Padmanathan.

3.     Effects of national housing quality standards on hospital emergency admissions: a quasi-experiment using data linkage. Sarah Rodgers.

4.     What is the maternal and child mental health impact of moving into poverty and child and maternal mental health? Findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study. Sophie Wickham.

5.     Health impacts of the M74 urban motorway extension: a natural experimental study. David Ogilvie

10.30 Tea and coffee
11.00 New methodological approaches to public health science

Chairs: Martin McKee and Louise Hurst

1.     Content analysis of tobacco industry data on the illicit tobacco trade in UK newspapers during the standardised packaging debate. Karen Evans-Reeves.

2.     Towards a new model of evidence for public health. Harry Rutter

3.     Negotiating multisectoral evidence: a qualitative study of knowledge exchange in transport and public health. Cornelia Guell.

4.     Body mass index and cardiometabolic disease in UK Biobank: a Mendelian randomization study of 119,859 UK Biobank participants. Donald Lyall.

5.     Econometric and comparative risk assessment scenario modelling of the proposed UK sugary drink tax on health. Adam Briggs.

12.30 Lunch and chaired poster viewing
14.00 Keynote Speeches:

Chair: Anne Johnson

1.     Public Health research in Wales. Frank Atherton, Chief Medical Officer, Wales.

2.     Data Linkage: an essential tool for efficient observational and interventional research and service delivery. Ronan Lyons, Clinical Professor of Public Health, Swansea University Medical School

15.00 Tea, coffee and poster viewing
15.30 Implementing public health science in policy and practice

Chairs: Klim McPherson and Serena Luchenski

1.     Does exposure to opioid substitution treatment at prison release reduce the risk of death? A national prospective cohort study in England. Matthew Hickman.

2.     Evaluation of the Healthy Start Voucher Scheme: a Qualitative Study of Low Income Mothers’ Perspectives. Susan Browne.

3.     Can continuity of primary care decrease emergency care use? A nested case-control study. Peter Tammes.

4.     Low alcohol consumption and pregnancy and childhood outcomes: time to change guidelines indicating apparently ‘safe’ levels of alcohol during pregnancy? A systematic review and meta-analyses. Loubaba Mamluk.

5.     Impact of a levy on sales of sugar-sweetened beverages within Jamie’s Italian restaurants: interrupted time-series analysis. Steven Cummins.

17.00 Closing remarks

 Richard Horton, The Lancet