Conference programme 2017

We are delighted to announce the programme for Public Health Science 2017. The conference will be held in London at Mary Ward House, UK, on Nov 24, 2017. You can also book your place at the conference at the HG3 booking website here –


09.00 Welcome and introduction to the day

Richard Horton, The Lancet

Rob Aldridge, UCL

09.15 Creativity and innovation in public health science
1.     Adaption of the ASSIST model of informal peer-led intervention delivery to the Talk to FRANK drug prevention programme in UK secondary schools (ASSIST+FRANK): a pilot cluster randomised controlled trial. James White.

2.     The health impacts of UK Lone Parent Obligations: a natural experiment study using Understanding Society panel data. Ruth Dundas.

3.     Exposing ‘complexity’ as a smokescreen: a qualitative analysis. Natalie Savona.

4.     Economic and ethical implications of improving access to health care for older people with intellectual disabilities in England: A cost-effectiveness modeling study of health checks. Annette Bauer.

5.     Why was a judicial review required to allow the English NHS to fund pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV? Tehseen Khan.

10.30 Tea and coffee
11.00 New methodological approaches to public health science
1.    Changing environments to change behaviour: Typology of Interventions in Proximal Physical Micro-Environments (TIPPME). Gareth Hollands.

2.     Modelling the cost-effectiveness of interventions to reduce traffic related air-pollution. Ann Ballinger.

3.     A discourse network analysis of minimum unit pricing for alcohol: mapping the “discursive communities” in UK newspaper coverage of the debate. Gillian Fergie. 

4.     Implications of Brexit on the effectiveness of the UK soft drinks industry levy upon coronary heart disease in England: a modelling study. Paraskevi Seferidi.

5.     Reassessing patterns of childhood body mass index, overweight and obesity in South Asian and Black participants in the English National Child Measurement Programme: use of ethnicity-specific BMI adjustments. Mohammed Hudda.

12.30 Lunch and chaired poster viewing
14.00 Keynote Speech:

How do we do the research that the public actually need? Helen Walters, National Institute for Health Research. 

14.40 FPH membership for academics working in Public Health: a new Associate Membership?
15.00 Tea, coffee and poster viewing
15.30 Implementing public health science in policy and practice

1.     PACE-UP primary care pedometer-based walking randomised controlled trial: mixed-methods results from 3-year follow-up. Charlotte Wahlich.

2.    Distributive equity in the real world: would targeting the National Health Service Health Check programme to deprived groups be more cost effective? Brendan Collins.

3.     A systematic, meta-analytic review of prospective risk and protective factors for intimate partner violence victimisation among women. Alexa Rachel Yakubovich.

4.     E-cohort study of the relationship between alcohol outlet density and alcohol-related mortality in Wales. Andrea Gartner.

5.   The effects of public health policies on health inequalities: a review of reviews. Frances Hillier-Brown.

17.00 Closing remarks and prize announcements

 Richard Horton, The Lancet  



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